San decoction for cold and wind in autumn and winter

San decoction for cold and wind in autumn and winter

In the beginning of a cold and cold, the main symptoms are heavy head or headache, fear of cold, sore limbs, fever but no sweat, accompanied by nasal congestion and runny nose.

The patient was conscious of not being thirsty, the sputum was thin and white, and the mirror was able to observe that the tongue was thin and white.

Food therapy should be based on Xin Wenjie table.

  The first soup: “Wu Shen Yin” will be 10 grams of nepeta, perilla leaves and ginger are cut into thick pieces, and boiled with 6 grams of tea.

Stir with 30 grams of brown sugar after serving. After boiling, take it under heat and cover it after taking it. If you don’t sweat well, you can take it again after one hour to make you feel cold and relieve your body pain to a certain extent.

Table cold, severe body pain, can be appropriately matched with 6 grams of ephedra, 9 grams of cinnamon sticks to strengthen the power of Xin Wen disperse cold.

  The second soup: “Double White Jade Porridge”, 50 grams of rice was previously boiled with water. After boiling, add sliced Chinese cabbage (mainly with cabbage and vegetables), sliced green onion 20 grams, and ginger 10 grams.When the cabbage is soft, and the green onion becomes thick, add a small amount of salt to the pan and eat.

This porridge can promote sweating, dispel cold, and reconcile stomach qi, make the body sweat without hurting righteousness, especially suitable for the elderly.

  Third soup: Tofu, ham, mustard soup, tofu, 100 grams, cut into pieces or thick slices, stir-fry with a small amount of peanut oil and 50 grams of ham, add 1,000 grams of broth, boil 10 grams of ginger, sprinkle 30 grams of mustard before boiling, pepper, Coriander, seasoned with salt and take while hot.

  In addition to being afraid of cold and body pain, cold is often accompanied by loss of appetite and a cold stomach. Based on the first two soups, this soup uses mustard, coriander, ginger and pepper to disperse cold, resulting in tofu, ham tonic and stomach,Increase appetite and further speed up the human body’s self-recovery function.