[Sichuan bacon sausages_Sichuan bacon sausages are delicious]

[Sichuan bacon sausages_Sichuan bacon sausages are delicious]

Sichuan sausage is smoked and air-dried.

Its method is similar to that of other sausages, but its taste is contrary to the Sichuan flavor. It is mainly home-style and spicy, mainly replacing lean pork and salt.醪, juice, white wine, allspice powder, pepper powder, paprika powder, white sugar, etc., then stuffed it into the pig casing, and finally smoked and air-dried, so that the sausage tastes salty and fragrant.Talk about how to eat this sausage.

How to eat sausage: There are many ways to eat sausage, not only can it be directly boiled, decomposed or grilled.

The tradition is steamed and boiled.

Put the sausages in the water and steam or cook for 20 minutes.

Serve directly.

Steam the bacon or sausage, do not cut it before steaming, cut it again after steaming!

Cut the sausage and bacon into slices.

The sausage can be eaten directly after steaming, so the flavor is more unique.

Bacon can also be eaten directly after steaming.

Sometimes the bacon is a little stuffed and you can’t eat it. At this time, you can put some dried peppers and cut into sections to fry with the bacon.

If you are not too spicy, you can stir-fry bacon with mustard.

Slices of stir fry.

You can fry garlic, garlic, green beans, and chili.


.Don’t put salt in it, haha sausage is a salty bacon, but it should be more. In general, it should be fried in the direction of oil, dry, and charred (it should not be too charred, just or just burned); thousandDo not put water, soy sauce, black powder, vinegar and other liquid seasonings. Seasonings generally only need to put salt, and the salt should be less, because the bacon itself has salt, to give a few examples to the landlord for reference: rough processing: first use the bacon aboveThe method of making sausages is steamed and sliced; you can also slice directly without steaming, but in this way, you should fry a few more times when fried bacon. The fried bacon is dry.

Fry method 1: Garlic bacon, oil first, oil the bacon, fry a few times until the bacon is cooked, then the pepper section (you can also not pepper), turn to a low fire, put an appropriate amount of salt, lower the garlic seed section, fryRemove the pan immediately (the garlic seedlings should not be fried for too long).

Method two: Fried dried cowpeas with bacon, first soak the dried cowpeas and cut into 3?
4 cm long section, add oil to the pan, stir-fry the bacon a few times until 8 is matured, add chili, stir-fry, stir-fry, stir-fry, add cowpeas and continue to fry for several circles, add an appropriate amount of salt, add garlic, and fryBring to a pan immediately (not to fry the garlic for a long time).