[Can you eat lotus seeds with fever]_ fever_ can you eat

[Can you eat lotus seeds with fever]_ fever_ can you eat

Everyone is no stranger to lotus seeds. Many people also know that lotus seeds have a certain value in traditional Chinese medicine and have the effect of sterilizing fire. But can fever eat lotus seeds?

When you have a fever, you should drink plenty of water, and the lotus seeds can also be eaten appropriately. It has no effect on the body, but the lotus seeds have no antipyretic effect. It is not possible to eat lotus seeds only.Antipyretics also help.

Can I eat lotus seeds with a fever?

Fever can eat lotus seeds.

The lotus seeds are rich in nutrients. After eating, they will strengthen their immunity and enhance their resistance. This means that the lotus seeds have a higher impurity content and a higher protein content. The lotus seeds are also very effective and can raise their hearts.Yifei, spleen, Guchang, etc., suitable for patients with insomnia, palpitations, and weakness.

When you have a fever, you can drink warm boiled water, millet porridge, and black rice porridge. You can take medicine to reduce fever, or you can physically cool down and reduce fever. You can eat lotus seeds to enhance your immunity.

Can a baby drink lotus porridge with a fever? The baby has a low fever and a body temperature of 37?

Between 5 ° C, it is not harmful to the body, and for certain diseases, it also helps the patient to recover, so it is not necessary to take special measures to reduce heat and fever.

But moderate fever (temperature 38).

39 ℃) and high fever (body temperature over 39 ℃), if it lasts for a long time, it can cause damage to the body, especially adverse effects on the central nervous system. Therefore, measures must be taken and treated early and careful care.

In addition to symptomatic treatment and physical cooling to treat baby fever, careful diet care is also necessary.

Under normal circumstances, as long as the body burns and the body is not so uncomfortable, the baby may feel tired and ask for food.

At this time, according to the improvement of the baby’s appetite, the baby’s diet can be gradually shifted from liquid food to semi-liquid food and soft food.

But at this time, the baby’s digestive function has not been fully restored, and adults cannot immediately arrange solid foods such as meat, fish, and so on that are not easy to digest.

You should make some light and delicious pasta soup, chicken soup noodles, minced meat porridge, vegetarian dumplings, buns, etc.

After the baby is fully recovered, in order to make up for the nutritional requirements caused by the baby’s illness and restore physical strength, you can eat more meals a day and add one meal to the baby. The interval between each meal should not be too short, generally more than 3 hoursIt is appropriate that the baby’s gastrointestinal function is still weak at this time. Although you can start eating various foods as usual, you must not overdo it, so as not to increase the burden on your baby’s digestive system.