See if he loves you from a concert

See if he loves you from a concert

When in love, ugliness is beauty, hate is love, vulgarity is elegance, scolding is intimacy, defect, and vice is virtue.

Everything in the universe is so perfect, nothing can be faulty.

But remember, this is just the time for love!

  Today you will have an ancient solo concert in the three-story rotunda. No matter which floor you can clearly hear and see you, which floor will your subject sit on?

  A, the first layer If the other party chooses the first layer, it means that he has treated you as a lover in his heart, because in this layer, besides that he can see you, he also wants you to see him clearly.

This is scorning that you have exceeded the boundaries of your friends, so you need to be mentally prepared to show love to you at any time!

  B, the second layer. The second layer is the number of layers in the friend stage. He thinks that if you get too close, you will make him stingy, but he cares that you are expecting things, maybe the timing is not mature.

If you want to have further development, you must take the initiative to confess to him.

  C. He chose this one on the third floor. He actually admires you very much, and has the respect and respect for you.

Maybe you’ve unknowingly given him a sense of supremacy, making him afraid to get too close to you.

Approaching him proactively will be rewarding.