White-collar fitness preferred climbing stairs fitness method

White-collar fitness preferred climbing stairs fitness method

There is no harm in climbing stairs. There is no need to consult health care books and dictionaries, as long as you practice it, you can know.

  Climbing stairs is not an elegant exercise.

When I climb the stairs, I often meet some acquaintances on the same floor.

They always asked me, “Are you climbing the stairs again?

“How many climbs?”

I replied, “Yes, three trips.

“The other person suddenly widened his eyes, opened his mouth, and made a fuss from the tip of his tongue:” Wow!

You can do it!

“It seems like a magical feat.

In fact, climbing stairs is climbing stairs. It is just a way of training. In fact, “prose” is the same as writing. You don’t need to imagine him as “Xuan Zhi Xuan” and “Unable to climb”.

Perhaps the other party didn’t understand the benefits of climbing the stairs at all, or did not practice it.

In fact, climbing stairs is an easy and healthy exercise.

Honestly, this exercise is really good for weight loss!

If you are frail and sick, and if you need to lose weight, try climbing the stairs.

  You can measure the height of the building slowly, one step at a time, you can calmly step on, and strive to be steady and steady; you can also shake off the steps, go up quickly, climb two steps or even three steps, four steps; you can alsoBack to the stairs slowly back up, just remember the number of steps on each floor, do not have to worry about the road underneath.

You can climb to the highest level in one go, or you can go up and down between several floors.

Of course, you must decide which way to climb based on your physical condition.

You can climb five levels at first, and then slowly increase it.

The exercise is simple, but it is expensive to persevere.

The most taboo is fishing for three days and drying the nets for two days, or the pictures are suddenly fresh and slamming, and the result is very tired and loses interest in this sport.

Get up early every day, do some preparatory moves, drink a large glass of salt with a bit of salty taste, and you can climb the stairs.

In the building where you live, you can climb up to five or six hundred steps, sweating, and very comfortable; sitting in the office for a long time does not prevent you from going up and down the stairs for several rounds.; Come home from work, after dinner for thirty or forty minutes, you can climb one or two back and forth in the building, so that the sleep quality is good; on weekends, you can increase the amount of exercise appropriately, but it is limited by your own body, Do not overload operation.