These sleeping positions affect the quality of sleep.

These sleeping positions affect the quality of sleep.

Chinese medicine has the saying that “nothing is painful”, a good sleep posture, to ensure the passage of the airway around the body, smooth blood, can regulate the spirit, raise the veins, eliminate fatigue, nourish the spirit.

  If you like to sleep on your back, you can sleep in a deep sleep. People who are in this sleeping position are usually very tired, or have drunkenness and are in deep sleep.

At this time, the sleeper’s hands will be unconsciously placed on the chest.

  TCM flower protection: During sleep, the part facing the middle opening is facing upwards, while the gas and body fluids are going down.

For example, when you are asleep, it is easy to cause snoring or coughing due to the falling of the face to the upper tongue or the flow of saliva into the trachea. It is not conducive to the operation of the lungs and blood, thus affecting the function of the lungs, so when you sleep, you have to turn over and change sleep.posture.

  If you like to sleep and sleep in a sketch: squatting like a baby, this is a very good posture for people who are drooling during sleep.

However, if your chest is flat on the bed, a slightly boring situation may occur.

  TCM flower protection: The biggest drawback of sleeping is the pressure on the heart.

If the time is too long, or the pressure is too heavy due to excessive reasons, it may affect the operation of the whole body, blood, discomfort, difficulty breathing.

Chinese medicine says that heart failure is caused by lack of gas, so you should first ensure that you have a good breathing state during sleep.

If you feel awkward when you are asleep, you can take a high pillow when you sleep, to ensure that your heart is smooth.